Work and Yoga

Work was so great yesterday. Since it’s the end of the school year, the kiddos are extra excited (read: hyper and out of control) a lot of the time, but they also are really happy. I got so much love from the students yesterday at Vista Grande since they know I won’t be back for a long time (if ever). I am getting letters from some, lots of hugs, and just smiles all around. I also am constantly cracking up at the things kids say. I wish people could keep some of that innocence forever because it’s very refreshing.

Work outfit was jeans (you can’t tell, but they have really faint stripes on them), coral blouse, and boots. I got a lot of compliments from fellow teachers yesterday for some reason on this ensemble. One of the teachers whose class we go into always wears the CUTEST clothes and we constantly are exchanging ideas of where to shop for cute/appropriate teacher attire.

I shared this on instagram yesterday already but it just made my heart melt when Layla handed me this after class. I guess while I was grading one of her assignments she decided to write a letter thanking me? So precious. Love little kids (most of the time).

QUESTION – Does anyone want to go to Healthy Living Summit with me this year? I have always thought it’d be fun to go to some sort of blogger retreat thing and it is in September on a weekend I am pretty sure I am free for. I mean, I could just go alone and meet people, but I would love to know one face going into it. Come with me someone!!!!

This morning I went to bikram yoga with my mom, which felt amazing per usual. My hair is long enough again to put it up in a high bun like I used to do over summer a lot. I was excited when I made this discovery this morning because I like having it all up out of my face during yoga and I hate wearing headbands.
I look really pissed but I promise I was happy. Off to do other Friday things. Should be a good weekend, balanced with relaxation, studying, and fun stuff with friends. Hope you all are having a good Friday!


Ever been to a blogging conference/retreat? Would you want to go to one? Please :)

What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

Very short and sweet post, which I’ve been more inclined to write lately and I’m guessing you guys like reading more. I tend to not get through super lengthy blog posts anymore so I’m doing you guys a solid and not getting too detailed.