Un-Lazy Sunday

For some reason I feel like I am always busy on Sundays, when Sundays are traditionally supposed to be a “day of rest”. Well today has been no exception! After breakfast this morning, I headed out to take a Bikram yoga class. Every time I leave Bikram I feel like a new person, must be due to the extreme sweating that goes on.

Detoxification at its finest my friends. I arrived home and quickly got cleaned up to meet a friend in downtown Santa Barbara for a little window shopping and lunch. Unfortunately, I left my phone/camera in the car so I didn’t get to take a picture of my lunch. We went to a little cafe and I got a focaccia grilled sandwich that was oozing with sun dried tomato, melted mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves. It was from the gods.


After lunch we browsed some of my favorite stores on State Street, one of them being Anthropologie. I don’t ever buy clothes at Anthro, but I love their candles, jewelry, and bedroom and kitchen accessories. I found myself in the kitchen department the majority of the time, surprise surprise. But I vowed I wouldn’t spend any money shopping aside from lunch so I stuck to my word and left the beautiful coffee mug with an “H” (for Hayley :) ) behind. Tear.

When I got home, I wanted a snack before I honed in on my cleaning duties for the week (my housemates and I all split up different chores, and this week I had to clean the floors and counter tops). I made myself a smoothie.

Vanilla almond milk (about a cup), a handful of frozen mango chunks (already in the freezer from Trader Joe’s), vanilla greek yogurt (about 1/2 cup), and a handful of granola. Give it a few whirls in the blender and whalaa, a delicious concoction is born.

If you’ve never added granola to a smoothie, try it. It adds a nice texture and a little nutty flavor. I also sometimes throw in old fashioned oats or any other cereal!

I also had a bowl of raspberries with my smoothie. Berries berries mo berries

Now time to finish my chores! Such a good housemate, I know :)