Tata For Now

Hello! Alright guys – I don’t know how else to start this so I’m just going to dive right in. I have been absent for a few days, and honestly it’s been a nice break. I decided this weekend that I am going to take a little blogging hiatus. Not sure for how long/if I will miss it too much that I will start back up again after only a week or so, but for a while I am not going to publish any posts. This weekend I had a lot of time to think about the near future, and this week I have really been starting to dive into my new career aspirations. I am at a crossroads right now in my life and in my career, and I want to take some time to step away from blogging and really focus on making positive changes in my life. It is difficult settling into a new routine and is going to take all of my attention and focus to get the ball rolling, as it is going to be all self-motivated and my schedule is pretty much in my own hands right now.

I feel like blogging and any extra little tasks are allowing me to procrastinate and be distracted during the times when I should be really pushing myself to be proactive. I am no longer settled into a schedule in which I know I have X amount of time to be blogging or whatever, and then get back to work. Everything is changing and I need to get crackin on my bigger goals. I also no longer am using this blog in the same ways as when I first started it, which is only natural, as I have grown and evolved. Maybe when I start back up again I will change things around to reflect more of where I am in my life, or maybe not. Who knows? Also, I know some of you are working so much and still finding the time to blog (and loving it), so power to you…but for me right now, even if my schedule isn’t jam packed, I just need this break. A ton of people continue to blog when they are far busier than I am right now (I am not saying I am TOO busy for blogging because that would be a lie), this is just what I think is best for me right now. 

My blog has helped me in more ways that I can describe and I will be forever grateful for the people it has brought me closer too. I will admit, however, that writing posts is becoming to feel a bit like a chore lately, which is reason enough to take a break. I don’t want to be writing only out of feeling obligated or just half-assing posts that I don’t feel I put enough effort into. I will still be following all of my favorite blogs and blends daily because I care about you guys and you will continue to motivate and inspire me. I hope you all understand and for those of you that have become my good friends through blogging, I want to continue to grow as friends with or without this little blog o mine.

I seriously can’t thank you all enough – whether you have been following me from my very first post or are a newbie around here – for the endless amount of support you have given me and words of encouragement. I have grown so much in such a short amount of time, and I can say with 100% confidence that blogging played a large role in that. I just think for right now, I will benefit more from taking time off and not letting something that is feeling like an extra stressor turn into something I think negatively about. Know what I mean? If you started reading this post about me taking a break and didn’t need this long explanation, I apologize for being so wordy about it. I just feel you all deserve an explanation as this is something that means a lot to me. Anyways, I love you all more than words can describe and I hope you all welcome me back with open arms when I decide to jump back in. Thank you thank you thank you again for all of your sweet words or even just reading without commenting. <3 Keep being your awesome selves and I will for sure still be reading your blogs daily. 

Xoxoxoxoxoxox times a million,