Summer Fun

Heyyyy! It’s “summer” for me right now since I have a month off of school before Fall semester starts. I have definitely been taking advantage of it and doing lots and lots of fun stuff as well as relaxing. This post is going to be a little bit backward as I will recap my life in reverse starting with this past weekend. This past weekend one of my best friends visited me from New York so we spent all day Saturday exploring San Fran and then had a BBQ at Steph’s house at night. It was the most perfect day. I know I say that a lot but I think any day I spend the whole day out doing activities with people I love is pretty perfect. Didn’t you guys miss my cheesiness? ;)Pictures comin’ at ya!


Lunch at an adorable French cafe. Twas delicious.


Recognize those houses? They are the Painted Ladies aka where the Tanners lived in Full House!


My bestest friend in the world who I have actually travelled the world with


The gang in front of the Golden Gate


I promise we aren’t actually in love haha


The BBQ spread her awesome parents made for us + piña coladas + goat cheese bruschetta (heaven)



We played Taboo after dinner for two hours and it was hilarious. I love playing games with a group especially when alcohol is involved. It was girls versus boys and we dominated (duh).

Backtrack to earlier in the week – I went into the city (I go into the city a lot?) with my friend Shelly, my sister, and a few of her friends. We went to a comedy show at Punch Line and it was A BLAST. I had never been to a comedy show before and my jaw literally hurt for 24 hours afterwards. I was laughing hysterically the whole show and I now want to go to one once a week.


Not the best seats in the house, but it’ll do


Let’s go, G.N.O. (name that song)


I missed this girl (roommate in SB last summer!)

Backtrack even moooooore and I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with some of my grad school friends in Walnut Creek. We shopped, we wined, we dined, we may have danced a little bit…



….and I may have mooned a few peeps thanks to the wind. Whatever.

I also went on an epic run (totally sarcastic – it was 2.5 miles and we walked half of it. ha.) around the reservoir with a friend. Basically we used going on a “run” as an excuse to catch up and lay in the grass in the sun for an hour.



And that’s life since we last spoke! Basically just been having fun with friends and family as much as possible before I start school again. No use discussing fitness because honestly it has not been a huge focus for me as of late, which is fine by me. And I will leave you with the sandwich that is now currently in my belly as of the end of this post.


This is a cajun turkey sandwich from the local deli I’ve been going to since I can remember. I had an appointment this morning and decided to swing by on my way home instead of make myself lunch. There were a few years where I refused to order anything other than “sliced wheat” and I am now making up for those years with massive sourdough rolls as often as possible. Yes please.

Hope you all are having a good start to your week and that you aren’t as nervous for the Bachelorette finale as I am. I have all these predictions of what will happen and feel slightly pathetic how invested I am in it. I am watching it with my dad (he secretly loves it too) and we are getting takeout from one of our fave local spots. Father daughter bonding at its finest.