Run Club

Hi hi! I feel great today. After getting back on track with eating better yesterday, sleeping really well last night, and going to Bikram yoga this morning, I couldn’t feel better! I woke up this morning to an already-made bowl of pumpkin overnight oats (oats, coconut milk, chia seeds, pumpkin, almond butter). I enjoyed my breakfast while catching up on a bunch of blog reading.


I poured my coffee into a mason jar. Not sure why, but I just love them. I need to get some of those metal straws like Kath uses when she drinks out of mason jars! I hadn’t gone to a Bikram class since I moved back to the bay area from Santa Barbara, so this morning I thought it would be a good time to try out the closest studio. I checked the schedule online around 9:00 AM and there was one at 10:00 so I changed and had a banana since I usually get hungry for a snack around 10:00.


I got to the studio and ended up purchasing a 10 class card, hoping I am able to go 2 times a week when I start working. It’s going to be quite a transition to go from working out late morning to either super early or in the evening after work. I will probably get most of my workouts in around 6:00 PM during the week, and there are 6:30 Bikram classes most days which is perfect.

I also decided today that I am going to sign up for the local running club. I have never been part of an organized running group (aside from my 3 month stint of track in middle school), so I am excited to try something new! There is a different run every day of the week pretty much, and I am going to shoot for going twice during the week after work and to the Saturday morning long runs. I have been mentally preparing a “work week schedule” in my head the past couple days to try to envision what my life will be like in terms of waking up/meals/working out/sleeping. I will have way less time for social things during the week, which I know is only natural transitioning from college to the “real world”. Guess everyone’s gotta do it!

Has anyone been part of a running club or group? There are no runs on Fridays, but I am going to go to my first group run on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. They do long runs on Saturdays and the group leader told me people run anywhere from 8-20 miles. Since I’m tapering before my half marathon, I will definitely be on the lower side and plan on running 9 miles. Hopefully I meet some cool people and make new friends! I also think that being part of this group will help me stick to my runs when I am wanting to just crash on the couch after a day of work, since I can’t just run whenever I want to anymore.

After I showered and emailed back and forth with the running club leader about joining and where to meet Saturday, I made myself a quick lunch before heading out the door.

I roasted a big batch of brussel sprouts in the oven to throw into lunches and/or dinners for the next few days. I cut them in half and blanched them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then roasted them on a baking sheet at 350 for about 12 minutes. I threw a few spoonfuls in my bowl for lunch and put the rest in a container in the fridge. On top of the sprouts I added some marinara sauce, chunks of goat cheese (obsessed with the stuff), and two eggs. One of the eggs got scrambled into the sprouts/cheese mixture and the other I left the yoke runny and put on top. All topped with sriracha, salt, and pepper. I have been making random concoctions lately, but they always turn out really good! I just try to encorporate some veggies and/or fruit, protein, healthy fats, and carbs. The carbs came from my sweet treat after lunch of a Clif Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Bar.

After lunch I headed out to my friend Jessica’s house to see her new puppy, Buster. He is a maltipoo and is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

I’m obsessed. Time to watch the new Modern Family and relax a little before I have to get ready for dinner! I am going to sushi with Jessica and my other friend who lives in the area, Alexis. I know I said that I have been going out for meals way too much, but it’s also something I want to do in moderation to spend time with friends and try new restaurants. Luckily sushi has cheaper options and is generally pretty healthy too. Yay for rainbow rolls :)