New Month

Happy May 1st friends! I always love the first day of a new month. It has this feeling of a fresh start, know what I mean? Kind of like January 1st, except usually on January 1st I am extremely exhausted and hungover from New Years Eve festivities. Today I am not hungover or tired in the slightest as I got a good nights sleep last night and yesterday I drank a ton of water. I seriosuly was guzzling the stuff like fish all day (except that makes no sense…you get the point).

I made a biggerIMG_2500 effort to take care of myself yesterday because I was feeling a little sluggish after all the events of the weekend – period (sorry again any boys reading this), extreme leg puffiness from my workout (does this happen to anyone else?), being sad about what happened, combined with really decadent meals + drinks out. Physically and mentally I was not in my prime for the past week. Funny enough, yesterday I craved healthy meals most of the day and was itching to get in a good sweat. I went on a run in the morning (only three miles, but it felt really good), ate relatively healthy, drank lots of water, and had a great “normal” day. Today I feel good as new.

This is the salad I had for lunch that was deeeelish – romaine + spinach, cheese, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, chicken, and a southwest dressing. Enjoyed with a bag of pop chips on the side because I now eat pop chips with all of my lunches to make it through the huge stash I have.

After dinner later last night, while watching The Voice with my mom, I ate my typical greek yogurt bowl but it was with a new flavor and it was amazing. I combined raspberry greek yogurt (basically it’s plain greek yogurt + raspberry jelly) with vanilla almond milk then crumbled in a deep chocolate muffin top.

The combination of raspberry and chocolate was a winner. Loved it. Don’t worry, I don’t always substitute things like this for “dessert” – I like my real ice cream and cupcakes and cookies too – but I genuinely LOVE these yogurt and muffin top bowls.

So…since it’s the first day of May and at the beginning of each month I like to think of something that I am going to work on that month, I have a little something to share. I don’t usually share these “goals” I set because sometimes they are very personal or sometimes I drop the ball a few days in. This month I will say it on the blog to hold myself more accountable. This month, and hopefully after May ends as well, I am going to stop looking to others for approval and not care as much about what others think. I have gotten a lot better at this with age as I’ve gotten more confident in myself and in my own decisions, but I still am guilty of getting worked up over the opinion of someone that I shouldn’t care about or feeling like others don’t approve of my decisions. This is no bueno and is pointless because in the end I am going to do what makes me happy and that is ALL that matters. There is no one “correct” way to live and I want to live the rest of my life OWNING my decisions. I really have been doing this most of the time in the past few months especially, but sometimes I fall into a trap of questioning who I am and what I do.

Also along these lines, I need to remember that “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”. If I start looking to only myself for approval for my decisions, this shouldn’t matter. BUT sometimes I do care what other people think, and I need to remember to ONLY care about those who truly matter aIMG_2507nd want me to be happy. I am sorry if this is all very vague, but I can’t exactly say certain names or situations in public. Basically…I have some amazing friends and family that support me in whatever I do and lift me up. I also have some people in my life that bring me down and seem to only point out things things I am doing “wrong”.

I sometimes let those people (the latter) impact the way I feel about myself. NO MORE. NO MORE. These people don’t deserve to be in my life, let alone make me feel bad about myself or that I am less awesome than I am. The people that matter love me for who Iam and what I do and I don’t have to make excuses for any of it. Those are the people I choose to focus on from here on out. Okay? Okay. Thanks for bearing with me on this rant. I know who I am and what I want, and the opinion of people who don’t care about my happiness means nothing to me anymore. I just needed to put it in writing so I can refer back to this when I need a quick slap in the face (figuratively…please don’t slap me). 
AMEN to that.

Aaaand I’m off!

What are you focusing on this month? Any goals? 

Anyone else let the opinions of others bring them down and want to join me in letting that go?