hat’s been going on lately in Hayley land? Well…

1) Yesterday I did my first “upper body” strength training circuit followed by 20-minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. I kind of created my own workout using different ones I found on blogs that worked with equipment we have in the home gym and that I knew how to do. Let’s just say it was real difficult washing my hair in the shower this morning. Hurts so good. Also, thank you to everyone who gave me advice yesterday on strength training! You guys rock. 
Now that is frightening.

2) I have been diggin the snack plates for lunch this week. I have been very indecisive in terms of what I feel like for lunch, so I love having a bunch of random things that don’t seem to go together but somehow do. 
Similar lunch that I ate the other day, but with a kiwi. Popchips, hummus, veggie burger, kiwi, followed by lunch dessert of greek yogurt + muffin top. I’m now out of hummus and veggie burgers and need to get more ASAP.

3) Speaking of lunch, one of the many perks of my weird schedule for the time being is that I get to each lunch at home. I love sitting outside in my backyard and enjoying lunch with my beautiful mama. 
Lunch this day was an enchilada salad. Aka I microwaved Trader Joe’s black bean and corn enchiladas (one of my favorite frozen meals from there), cut them up, put them on a bed of spinach, ad a scoop of plain greek yogurt, mix it all together. Try it.


4) I pretty much have to have my nails looking nice for me to feel put together. I am such a girl and it’s an expensive habit, but I get my nails done usually every couple weeks. This is the color I’m rockin right now. 
I only get Shellac (gel) nail polish now because regular polish chips in an hour for me.

4) The other day when I was walking into the store for an errand there were some visitors chillin on the lawn. 
I thought they were cute so I talked to them in an (insanely annoying) voice that I use to talk to my pups, only to have them make scary noises and attack me. Well they didn’t exactly “attack” me, but they started to come toward me and I got nervous and ran away. Don’t bite me!

5) Does anyone else watch American Idol? It’s always on a couple nights a week at my house and my whole fam gathers around the TV to watch it. It’s down to the final 4 and I think I want Angie to win. She is the total package and I want to be her friend.



6) My blow drier exploded while drying my hair this morning. It sounded like I slammed it into something and the back flew off and the whole thing started smoking. I threw it across my room away from my head and my room smells absolutely horrible. I’m just glad it didn’t burn my hair off!!

7) Tomorrow is my big sister’s birthday part in San Francisco and I am so excited! I haven’t been out there in a while and I’m ready to get my dance on. Happy almost birthday, you old lady. I love ya. 
That’s all I have for you today. Off to work! <3

Do you get your nails done regularly or paint them yourself (or neither)? What’s your favorite TV show on right now?