Grad Student


Herrrroooo! How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday? I am doing great! I just got back from an early morning run and am currently sipping on some coffee with coconut milk. So glad I decided to let coffee back into my life because I missed it as part of my morning routine. Another thing that has been part of my routine again is prepping overnight oats at night to eat in the morning. I was kind of lacking in the breakfast department for a while and I realized how much better I feel (all day) when I have a good solid breakfast pretty soon after I wake up.


This is what my breakfasts have been looking like as of late – and sorry I didn’t drizzle anything on it or put cool toppings to make it picture-worthy. This particular picture is actually a little different because instead of putting rolled oats into my bowl I put in a scoop of brown rice (cooked already, obvi). Sounds weird, but after sitting overnight in the yogurt and almond milk, it turned into kind of a breakfast rice pudding. TRY IT PEEPS!

Enough breakfast talk. Yesterday was my first day of officially being a GRAD STUDENT! Wahoo! The wait is over. The past few months have been looooooooooooong waiting to start. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been nice to kind of have a lax schedule for a while since I haven’t had that freedom in god knows how long, but I am more than ready to be busybusy and actually challenge myself while working toward a goal. Remind me of this when I am whining of having too much on my plate in the Fall. Mmmkay?

Yesterday morning we had orientation for all of the students in the Multiple Subject Credential program at St. Mary’s and it was fun getting to meet all of my fellow future teachers as well as all of the faculty. The faculty is AMAZING. So helpful and nice and just genuinely excited to work with us. We went over logistics of the program, course information, student teaching, and some other random business. We did some ice breakers and took a tour of the campus (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way).


This is the church that you see when you drive into the main campus area. It is so beautiful. Fun fact: my aunt got married here and I was a flower girl in the wedding!

I am really glad that my friend Kelsey is in the program with me and is now living in Walnut Creek because I know someone from the start (and we have all of our classes together), but I am more than ready to make some new friends. The entire program (which is only about 45 people) is girls…which I was kind of surprised by, but I guess it’s uncommon for men to be elementary school teachers? C’mon society.

Back track a little bit more to this weekend….sorry this post is all over the place and I am jumping to and fro. The most memorable day from the past weekend was on Saturday when I went into San Francisco to have a spa day at Burke Williams with my mom and sister. My sister will be out of town for my birthday this Friday, so we “celebrated” with massages, facials, and lunch a week early. It was incredible and such a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We showed up to use all the spa amenities about 30 minutes early – my favorite was the whirl pool – and then each had a relaxation massage followed by a facial. I think I have had one facial in my life a long time ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect with that, but I loved it. I learned a lot about my skin and am vowing to spend a little extra time every day taking care of it since I am super low maintenance when it comes to skin care. I left the spa feeling so great and my skin was glowing. I had my nails + toes done, eyebrows waxed, body massaged, and face facialized (?) all in 48 hours. Not too shabby. I sadly didn’t get to take any pictures inside the spa since we had to put our phones away and it’s obviously a little rude to take pictures in an area where women are nude haha. But trust me when I say the spa was beautiful and peaceful.

After the spa, we went to this super cool market called Bi-Rite because we decided we wanted to eat back at Britt’s apartment and have a few of her friends over instead of going out. The market was so cute and had such amazing baked goods, ice cream, prepared food, produce, etc. I wish I bought more stuff!


It was like a mini, local Whole Foods. My mom, sister, and I all got sandwiches from the deli counter and they were so good. The bread came from a local bakery that apparently has some of the best bread around and I got mine on the country sliced bread. Not really sure what that meant, but the girl at the counter recommended it.


It was almost a mix between sliced bread and a roll because it was so thick and chewy. I couldn’t even fit my mouth around it to take a bite so I had to eat it open-faced! We ate lunch and chatted with Britt’s friends before my mom and I braved the SF traffic and headed home. Such a wonderful Saturday with my favorite ladies.

Today I have class from 1:00-9:00. My Tuesdays/Thursdays are going to be long but I will already be on campus so I stacked my classes to get them over with. I bought a big nifty lunchbox to bring with me on those days and hopefully will get used to being in class when I am usually getting ready for bed. I am going out to dinner with the guy who cooked for me a couple weeks ago again tomorrow night and then on Friday doing a low-key birthday night with some girlfriends. A small group (7/12 people I invited to come are out of town this weekend :( ) will be going out to dinner and then probably go out to some bars after for dranks. Should be a good time!

Hopefully I didn’t confuse you too much with my time-jumping and you are all still with me. Since I have been posting pretty sporadically and will likely continue to do that throughout the summer, I am going to just do some highlights of the past few days usually and not recap everything that goes on in my life (which I’m sure would bore you to tears anyways). Sound good? Good. Seems to be working for me and then I don’t feel like I need to take pictures of everything I do ;) . Have a fantastic Tuesday mis amigos!