A Lot of Sushi

Heyyyyy again! Back so soon? I know, weird. I felt the urge to post again this morning and so I’m rollin with it. Yesterday I had the BEST sushi dinner that I’ve had in a long time. I go to sushi fairly often, but lately I’ve been just ordering the same things every time and going to the same place. Last night, however, I went somewhere new to me (at the suggestion of who I went with) and got rolls I’ve never tried. It was so fun and everything was deeeelicious. Another thing I’m really diggin’ this week is the warm weather. The other day I went for a run on the trail and it was 87 degrees. Holy cow. I

could’ve dealt without that for my run, but I loved it when I was not running. And I realize that isn’t THAT hot, but I am not used to it yet and it was a struggle trying to run in a temperature my body hasn’t adjusted to yet. Anyways, yesterday was another sunny and beautiful day, and it was still quite warm when heading out for dinner. I decided to wear a sundress and sandals, which I haven’t worn to dinner since last summer. It felt like a summer night (my absolute favorite thing is when it’s still hot out when the sun is going down). 

I <3 sundresses. I never really say where my clothes are from, and I feel like I should when I include outfits? Yeah? Dress and bracelet – Urban Outfitters, Sandals – Report from Nordstrom.

So last night…it was a date. I told you all that I broke up with Adam a while ago, but I’ve kind of just been having fun meeting guys lately. Nothing serious, but my friends’ friend asked me to sushi this week so why not? And it was such a good evening. :) We went to Kane Sushi – there is one in my hometown that I have been to a bunch but this one is a little further from me. He said it’s his favorite sushi place in the area hands down so he wanted to take me there. The atmosphere was super relaxed and casual, and the staff all knew him when we walked in. Love when that happens! Another cool thing about Kane Sushi (both locations) is you can request to create your own roll. They put it on this special paper and hang it up on the wall with the name you give it, a description, and any illustrations you put on it. If I created a roll, it would definitely involve hamachi, avocado, unigi sauce, cucumber, and some sort of seared tuna on top. Yum.

We started with a couple beers – a large one for him and a small for me – but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the kind we got. It was pretty light, but also had a great punch of flavor. I really enjoyed it, and I don’t always like beer. Once again, why not? We also ordered some miso soup to start and then he went to work on deciding which rolls to order. I told him to order whatever he wanted and I would try it all, since he has tried almost everything on the menu. We ended up ordering four of the special rolls plus one nigiri sushi (butterfish on rice). It was A TON of food, but I was more than game to tackle as much of it as my stomach would allow. :P  

I could go into detail of the names and what was in every roll, but really, I don’t care and I’m sure you don’t either. I will just tell you my favorite one was the one on the left: the Volcano roll. It was super spicy and the fish on top was melt-in-your-mouth good. My least favorite was the one closest to him with tempura shrimp inside….I like tempura shrimp but it isn’t what I would choose because I prefer sushi with raw fish in it. All of the sauces were incredible, and I usually don’t order sushi rolls that come with sauces on them. We went all out and I loved every bite. 

After two hours of conversation (it’s amazing how much you can feel like you get to know someone over one long dinner date) and finishing off most of the sushi, we headed back to my house. My parents are out of town this week – cool, my mom and dad went to Hawaii WITHOUT ME – so we had the house to ourselves and all of the puppies. The other night when we were texting I told him I was about to watch the movie P.S. I Love You and he said he has never seen it and wanted to. REALLY?! Such a chick flick, but I appreciate a guy who is down to watch an extremely girly movie. So I didn’t watch it the other night, and we popped it in last night after dinner.

I managed to refrain from crying, and I usually am sobbing by the end of the movie, and he seemed to actually really enjoy it. My puppies were also mildly obsessed with him and I think would’ve rather gone home with him than stayed with me when he left. Rude ;)

It was such a great night with a new “friend” and I love having things to look forward to like that on a weeknight – makes the week go by way faster! Today I have some work, a hair appointment (my ends need a trim real bad and highlights are grown out). Tomorrow is my friend Sean’s birthday so a group of us are all going out for it and the boy from last night will be there. Should be fun. :)  

What are you all up to this weekend? If you could create your own special sushi roll, what would you put in/on it?