Beer Pong and Bowling

Saturday night was a fun one! It was my best friend Steph’s boyfriend’s birthday (his name is Sean, also a good friend of mine). Most of our friends were out of town at Coachella, so it was just the four of us who played pool together a while ago: Sean, Steph, Mark, and I. Mark is Sean’s best friend, and the boy I went out to sushi with this week. Even with the small group, we ended up having a blast!

We started off the night at Mark’s house where we played a few games of beer pong. I don’t play beer pong, like EVER, and am not even a huge fan of beer in general. I obviously played here and there in college, but it was actually pretty fun. It was super windy outside so we ended up playing in Mark’s kitchen on the island table. Mark’s mom made us a dessert of strawberries with this cream cheese/marshmallow fluff dip that was INCREDIBLE. I didn’t snap a pic but it was delicious. I actually did pretty well in beer pong (it was girls vs. boys) and Steph and I almost won two of the games. We lost all of them, though. Boys and their drinking games.

IMG_2358 IMG_2359IMG_2357
We also sampled some of the peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I baked for Sean earlier in the day.

So.amazing. I wasn’t sure if the combo of pb+oatmeal+chocolate chips would be overboard but we all agreed that they were incredible (if I do say so myself ;) ). I used this recipe and I highly recommend it. After some beer pong and dessert-ing, we debated between going out to the bars downtown or going bowling. We decided on bowling as the bars are not really that exciting and you pretty much just drink and get smooshed by the crowds. We really are becoming adults….aside from the beer pong.

His mom snapped some pics of us before we went bowling. Such a fun group of crazy kids. 

It was disco night or something at the bowling alley and was crazy packed. Some high school kids were there after their prom and also a group of 30-ish year olds who were wasted and dancing on the lanes so it was quite the mix. We had a great time laughing at everyone and the music and lights that filled the bowling alley were super fun. I sucked most of the time (I don’t ever bowl), but got better and better as the night went on. We stayed til closing at 1:30 and then went back to Mark’s to hang for another hour before my eyes wouldn’t stay open anymore. In bed at 3:00 AM…yeah, tends to happen when I go out, and the next day I pay. Yesterday was a very lazy day, aside from a sloooowwwwww three mile run just to sweat a little. My parents were home from Hawaii late Saturday night so it was nice to spend the day with them yesterday – I missed them! 

I’m off to work for the Spanish teacher at a local elementary school today then laundry/errands. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! 

What was the highlight of your weekend? Do you like to bowl? Favorite fruity dessert? I want the recipe for the dip she made with the strawberries!

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10 thoughts on “Beer Pong and Bowling

  1. molly @ heart, sole & cereal

    sounds like a fun night to me – though i am terrible at both beer pong and bowling so it wouldn’t have been a successful night for me in terms of game playing. if you want to come over and bring some of those cookies i’d be all over it – i love the combo of peanut butter/oatmeal raisin cookies so i figure adding chocolate chips into the mix would be just fine with me. glad you had a great time and i love that dress!

  2. pickyrunner

    I agree with Alex. I want your clothes. All of them. Or you can just tell me what to buy. Skype personal shopper? There has to be a market for that. Anyways, so funny that you played beer pong this weekend since I did too friday night. Except I’m absolutely awful at it so I definitely made us lose every game we played…

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Oh beer pong – so many good memories. But I think I got all the wild and crazies out of my system when I was younger because these days I’d much rather do something low key like bowling or glow in the dark mini golf than hit the bar scene. That being said, it’s been forever since I went bowling, but I always remember it being a great time. And those cookies… omigosh WANT! But can I request mine with AB instead of PB? :)

  4. jessiebearwhat

    That sounds like a blast! I always love bowling :). & Agreed on the bars. They’re fun every once in a while, but for the most part they aren’t my scene. Those cookies look heavenly btw ;)

  5. Brittany

    How fun! I haven’t played beer pong OR gone bowling in so long. I tried to go bowling last month with my boyfriend for a date night, but the lanes were ALL full!! WOW!


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